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  • I'm thinking of starting my own brand of gin/vodka/whisky/etc
    Great! We are always in favour of more great spirits. We can help you turn your idea into something you can actually pour out of a bottle and drink. Contract distilling starts at 70 bottles and there's no limit to your productions. We have a unique partnership with iStill for recipe development, so we can work with you creating a recipe for your drink. The recipe can then be loaded into our equipment at Loki to distill your spirit over and over.
  • I'm thinking of opening a distillery myself
    Awesome! We will put you in contact with iStill, where they not only can give you all the information about distilling equipment for the 21st century, but where they will also train you at the iStill University to become a distiller. In the meantime we can distill your drinks for you, so you can focus on starting up your business. And when your distillery is up and running we simply upload the recipes from the Loki stills to your new stills. You are now producing your spirits yourself, without any chance in the taste or quality.
  • I need extra capacity
    Good to hear it! When business is booming, it's difficult not getting caught in a production bottleneck. At Loki we can produce your spirits in a short amount of time. Just provide us with your needs and we will make sure we give you the exact same spirit that became so popular to begin with.
  • I have another question
    Let's have a chat! We are always on the lookout for new ideas and new people to work with. Just fill in the request form and we will contact you for a telephone or videocall.
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