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Are you looking for your own gin, genever, whisky, liqueur, rum, etc? At Loki we will create a completely original spirit for you. No bulk drinks with a dedicated label, but your own drink with your own unique flavour. 

We develop the spirit according to your wishes, so it's truly your drink. The recipe is kept secret and stored in the Loki Recipe library, so backorders can be produced immediately and with the exact same quality. 


Private spirits are ideal for: 


  • Bars: develop your own drink or cocktail ingredient 

  • Restaurants: a surprising drink for your guests 

  • Hotels: an eye catcher at the bar or a souvenir 

  • Airlines: a unique drink or souvenir 

  • Promotional gifts: a gift worth drinking 


Private spirits are available from 10 bottles. Loki provides full services for designing, bottling and labeling. 


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