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Visit the distillery and learn to distill your own gin.


We are currently upgrading the Loki Gin & Whisky School. Workshops will resume in October.

You will start with a nosing and tasting of different gins and different botanicals. Then we'll dive into the history of gin and the way gins are created.

The next step is creating your own gin recipe, by picking your favourite botanicals and getting the mix right. The botanicals are then distilled in the special Nano-stills, where you are responsible for operating the still and making the cuts for heads, hearts and tails. 

After that it's diluting and bottling your gin. You will take two bottles of 0.5L home with you as a special reminder of this incredible workshop.

The whole workshop takes between 3-4 hours and you will work in pairs under the supervision of our distillery managers.

Minimal number of participants: 6

Maximal number of participants: 12

Price per person: € 50,

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